Unexpected Connections

Celebrating Immigrant Folk Music

August 9, 2017

When Galician bagpipe player Cristina Pato and Mexican-American bassist Edward Perez first met, they found that they shared rhythms that spanned oceans.

We caught up with them at Terraza 7, a club in Queens, New York, that celebrates immigrant folk music. In this neighborhood, where more languages are spoken than anywhere else in the world, Cristina and Edward discovered an unexpected connection.

What kind of unexpected cultural connections are in your backyard?

When Cristina starts playing a Galician muiñeira, Edward joins with a Venezuelan joropo and a Peruvian festejo:

Muiñeira: At 0:28, Cristina starts off playing the rhythm to a muiñeira, a Galician dance, similar to a Celtic jig in a playful 6/8 meter.

Joropo: Edward joins with a joropo rhythm at 0:31. Similar to a fandango, this is a Venezuelan dance rhythm, also in 6/8. The joropo rhythm comes back at 1:18 and 3:12.

Festejo: At 2:28, Edward switches to a festejo rhythm, a celebratory Afro-Peruvian rhythm.