Teach for Global Understanding

Download the complete curriculum guide for "The Music of Strangers"

December 6, 2016

Download the complete curriculum guide today and explore culture’s power to connect.


Lesson 1: Yo-Yo Ma and the Intersection of Cultures
(Music, Language Arts)    

Lesson 2: Interpreting the Silk Road Through the Graphic Arts
(Visual Arts)    

Lesson 3: Everything Old Is New Again: The Chinese Cultural Revolution and Its Legacy
(History, Social Studies, Language Arts)    

Lesson 4: The Ongoing Syrian Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis
(History/Social Studies, Language Arts and Literacy, Music, Visual Arts)

Lesson 5: The Iranian Revolution
(History/Social Studies, Music)   

Lesson 6: Preserving Culture in a Globalized World
(History/Social Studies, Music)     

Lesson 7: Ancient Instruments, New Music

Lesson 8: Viewing a Documentary Film: Developing Film Literacy
(Film Literacy, English Language Arts)