Origin Story: King Ashoka

A composition by Sandeep Das

June 5, 2018

“When I first joined this ensemble, I joined it as a very proud Indian musician: very proud of my culture, very proud of my heritage. But when I started playing with this group, I suddenly realized that nothing that I thought was only mine is actually only mine.” Watch Sandeep Das and the Silkroad Ensemble perform his piece “King Ashoka.”

New music is the foundation of Silkroad’s work. It’s how we talk about our heritage, celebrating not only what we have in common but the differences that make us unique. For Sandeep Das, writing music for the Silkroad Ensemble is a way to remember – and honor – the culture that shaped him in childhood and continues to make him who he is today. “My heart, my soul, comes alive through their playing,” he says.